Monday, September 5, 2011

Chutzpah - Fairfax VA

There are very few places I can get this excited about. Chutzpah, in the Fair Lakes area, is one of the illustrious few. Chutzpah is a small bit of NY sass in the Stepford wife generica of the DC suburbs. Offering a full NY deli, catering service, and an awesome sit down restaurant too. Today I am here to report on their wonderful dinner menu.

I had my husband and friend with me, so I was lucky to not only try my dinner, but theirs too. I am super clever that way. All meals come with their famous pickles and slaw. Some places serve bread before the meal, but hey, they have Chutzpah! <Spoken in a thick New York accent>

The matzo ball soup was for starters. No denying its homemade roots. From broth, to the matzo ball, every component was made fresh there and it was delicious. Two things took me by surprise. The first thing was that they put noodles in their soup. They are awesome noodles, not at all mushy like most places noodle soups, but it was new to me. The second thing was this matzo ball was the size of a baseball. Amazing. I licked the bowl clean.

Next round was our entrée. I ordered Bubba’s Famous Meatloaf wrapped in bacon with brown gravy. For $13.95 you get your entrée, a house or Cesar salad, and 2 sides. I think that is quite reasonable in today’s prices spiraling out of control. I paid a bit extra to get a latke as one of my sides. As a latke expert, this gets the Jewish American Princess seal of approval. The meatloaf was so awesome that it defies any cute description I could think up for it. Obviously it is not kosher, but despite was most non-Jewish people think, not all Jews keep Kosher. As stated previously, I was also able to sample Hubby and Friend’s pick as well. For this reason I can say, without doubt, that the Beef Stroganoff and stuffed cabbage are also without equal.

What I cannot reiterate enough, is this food here is the real deal, Bubbe home cooked, no kidding around. Eric the owner is an import from New York, and we are so pleased he has joined us in DC. I now have a place to buy homemade chopped chicken liver (YUM! I like to call it Jewish pate), and wonderful deli meats to boot. The roast beef and brisket are cooked in house! I highly recommend it. Don’t forget to save room for the sinful desserts, including  favorites of mine, Napoleons and REAL New York Cheesecake.

Put Chutzpah’s on your must try list. I promise you will not be a one timer.

12214 Fairfax Town Center
Fairfax, VA 22033
Voice: (703) 385-8883
Fax: (703) 385-5855
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  1. One of our dearest friends makes her matzo ball soup with noodles too. I'm a convert -- but I'm not telling my grandma.