Saturday, November 17, 2012

BRB - One Year Later

Almost a year ago (Wow is time flying by) I reviewed a new meat temple at the RTC. One year later, I am still convinced it is one of the best burgers in town. In that year, it seems the collective noses in Reston and beyond have started to catch the scent of the luscious burgers cooking just around the corner.
So now I provide an update.  

 Do I still sing the praises of BRB? YES! Especially now when they upgraded their soda fountain machine to the sleek ultra modern number shown in the picture below.  These new fountain machines are just da bomb! You have many sodas which you then program a flavor. For example, grape Sprite Zero. There are a few of these little treasures sprinkled across the area, BRB can claim to have one. They have also expanded the menu to include wonderful hand dipped milk shakes. The usual suspects appear here, chocolate and vanilla, and one with a seasonal flare. I highly recommend the current seasonal flavor, pumpkin. If you like pumpkin pie, this is the shake for you.

I am a traditionalist when it comes to burgers. I like to eat them in a casual environment, some place I can feel relaxed and not humiliated because the ketchup fell on my shirt (A guaranteed occurrence every meal). There are certain foods that should be this way. Pizza and burgers are the main ones that come to mind. For me, BRB just feels fun, not to mention the staff is great! Still a top pick for le gastronomique dc, that’s me!

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