Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Best 'O Veg - Saigon Pho Style

Here is another review for the herbivores amongst us. In this article series I am reviewing local restaurants for their vegetarian offerings. Saigon Pho Style is my favorite place for vegetarian Vietnamese cuisine. Check out my review below.


This is a lovely little gem tucked into a well established business park off of Spring Street in Herndon Virginia. I found it when I was going to eat at another fave eating establishment right next door called A Taste of the World. Both boast in their front windows to specialize in vegetarian fare. So I decided that night to change my dinner plans, and I was very happy I had.

The 1st thing you will notice when you enter this place is that it is small, very small indeed. You will also notice that the d├ęcor is Spartan. Despite the sparse appearance, it is meticulously clean (I find this to be a greater virtue), and the staff are tremendously friendly and eager to serve you.

I believe that since it is somewhat hidden, it never seems all that crowded. I am hoping that this fact will change because I would hate to lose a great place like this due to lack of patronage.

In my 2 trips I sampled the Caramelized Veggie Shrimp, and the Vegetarian Pho Soup. I double checked on the soup to be certain it was vegetable broth because many Asian restaurants do not understand that animal based broth does not classify as vegetarian.

This place, however, does, and they assured me that their Pho was made with only vegetable broth. Let me tell you, this was by far, the BEST vegetable Asian soup I have ever tasted. The flavors were numerous and it tasted fresh, not processed and over salted. It had fresh herbs swimming in the clear broth, and it was chock full of rice noodles. It was an event all by itself.

The Caramelized Veggie Shrimp is also excellent. It is the perfect mixture of texture and flavor as Vietnamese food should be.

It is evident that this restaurant is a family affair, the recipes, most likely, created in the home kitchen. This obvious fact makes the food memorable and well worth the trip for Veggies and carnivores alike (Yes they serve meat as well).

Contact Information:

281 Sunset Park Drive
Herndon, VA 20170-5220
Phone: 703.435.9573

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