Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mad Fox Brewing Company - Falls Church, VA

Mad Fox Brewing Company - Falls Church, VA

The 1st question you might have is not what is Mad Fox, but where in the dickens is Mad Fox? This charming little brewery is cunningly located in downtown Falls Church. The problem is you have to look extra hard for it.
Once you find it, I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. They serve lunch, dinner, and brunch. It is the latter I am fixing to discuss with you here now. 

When I go to Mad Fox for Brunch, I always want the same thing. Homemade glazed donuts. With that I start. I am partial to the original glaze over the other varieties. Sinfully glazed and piping hot, they are as delicious as I am making them sound.

As always, I order the steak and eggs, steak medium rare…Yum. Instead of the side salad that comes with this deliciousness, I order the smoked gouda grits. There are no words for the bliss one can experience consuming this gastronomic masterpiece, that is when it is done properly. I have eaten brunch at MF 3 times. Two out of the three times the grits were perfection smoked goudiness galore. They make them thicker, almost like polenta; however, there was one time it was more like traditional grits and more liquidy. If you can find out ahead of time, that would be the best.

Now for the main attraction, the steak. By far, it is one of the best cooked steaks I have eaten ever, and that includes places like Ruth Chris. They cooked it to a wonderful medium rare and placed a dab of seasoned butter atop to melt languorously. As steaks go, this one is heaven. I also have on good authority that they sometimes buy their meat from the very Organic Butcher of McLean that we wrote about here on le gastronomique dc! 

 If you can, see your way to brunch at the Mad Fox. Many scrumptious treats await you there.

Contact Information:
444 West Broad Street, Suite I (eye)
Falls Church, VA 22046
Phone: 703-942-6840
Fax 703-942-6916 

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