Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What makes those pots and pans so warped?

As i was cooking the other day, I noticed the pan I was using was slightly warped, and I got to thinking what causes such a phenomenon. I will list the reason below. These are based on my research.

1. Cooking on too high heat
Most pots and pans that we buy are not meant for high heat. It seems you do get what you pay for. The best ones would be the All-Clad variety. The more layers of steel the better. These resist warping.

2. Taking a hot pan and rinsing immediately in cold water.
Most pans do not like drastic temperature change, go figure. Of course, we do not like it either.

The downside is, all-clad is horrifically expensive. If you cannot indulge in a set, treat your current pans with loving care, and they will continue to provide you with tasty meals.

Ciao for now.

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