Monday, July 25, 2011

Norton's - Tyson's Corner VA

Where to start? What is Nortons? Norton’s is a local restaurant that is housed inside Tyson’s Corner Mall. It is what took the place of Slade’s when it went away.
It is a local and privately owned restaurant that is masquerading as a chain. Never in all my life have I had such generic cuisine. To me, this felt like chain food.
I had the ribs, which came out blackened. When I could not find my server to send it back, I had to ask a random server  who managed to stumble by.
She took my plate. I waited for the next round. Strangely, another server brought a dish back, of the exact same ribs they took away. I could not help the loud guffaw I let loose. It was just so funny!
It started at Slades, and became Norton’s. Next it must be Jonah’s, cause this one is a stinker. 

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Really, you do not want it...

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