Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Café Sano ~ Reston, VA

Located in one of the original strip malls is a local joint that does not quite feel so local. Café Sano, located in South Lakes Shopping Center, serves Mediterranean cuisine, but unlike most local dives, it is a very very well oiled and efficient machine. When you walk in you notice the place is shiny, well kept. Considering this place has been open for years, to maintain that polish is impressive. It kind of feels like the Panera of Mediterranean food. This is not a bad thing, honestly, because the food is miles away from the boring previously mentioned Panera.

The second thing that will catch your attention is the booming voice of the gentleman taking your order. You would think they hired a disc jockey, or a descendant of Barry White. He actually may be the manager, but I am unsure of this claim. He was fun and engaging. I hope you get to meet him when you try this cool place out.

I ordered the Kabob combo with shrimp and steak. The Hubby had the chicken penne pesto. When your food is ready, they call you to pick it up.I was not expecting the deliciousness I encountered. Like many places (e.g. Moby Dick’s for example) that have a more chain feel, the meat can be dry and dissapointing. Café Sano proved its pages were more intriguing than its cover led on.

The salad that accompanied the meal was crisp, fresh, and yummy. The grilled tomatoes were nom worthy too. What really made me say WOW was how well marinated and juicy the steak was. The shrimp too were large and superbly done. I was shocked, and pleasantly surprised.
The only slightly dull note in this symphony was the rice. A bit over cooked and bland, but not terrible. It did not; however, fit the triumph of my meal.

The small bite I wrestled away from the Hubby showed equal promise. A nice blend of garlicky goodness and basil. If you are vegetarian, there is a lot for you to enjoy on this menu as well. They make falafel and other Mediterranean delights.

This is a place worthy to add to your list. The keep with their claim to provide fast, fresh, and tasty meals. 
Contact information:
South Lakes Village Center
11130 M South Lakes Drive
Reston, VA  20191
Phone:  703.391.2100


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