Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tryst ~ Washington, DC

With Tryst, the question is where to begin? I originally went to Adams Morgan to try an Ethiopian restaurant that did not bare ripe fruits (See previous article). After my dinner partner and I walk out of the restaurant dusting disappointment off our clothes like dandruff, we decided we wanted a yummy snack/dessert and coffee/tea to make the night a little less abysmal. I have to say, Adams Morgan is a charming spot, I could spend weeks sampling all the goodies lining this nook of DC.

In search of warm coffee goodness, we prowled. The streets were teaming with the Friday night rowdy crowds. Cops were actually posted, and watching us. Finally we stumbled on the open and welcoming doors of Tryst, a local spunky coffee/café. 

It was chilly outside, and they had their doors open! Freaks! But once inside you felt toasty warm. The lights are dim, and they offer free wifi. This is a big draw as you can tell from the many people warming by the glow of their lap top screens. I am not one to judge, as I can be guilty of the same lameness.
What I noticed first was the eclectic decorating. There were a mish mash of couches and chairs in which the only criteria seemed to be comfort. I am charmed by that. Nothing matched. In fact, it is part of their motto, “No Corporate Coffee. No Matching Silverware.” AWESOME! Books lined the walls, and people crowded in circles chowing on various yummies, which was exactly what we needed. 

It turns out you can either order from the counter, or have yo’self a seat and a server will find you eventually. We had a sweet gent with a flower behind his ear. I ordered a latte and the Death by Chocolate Dessert Waffles. I do believe waffles are the undiscovered dessert. The latte was served in the traditional fashion of a fishing boat size mug. What I liked best was how frothy and creamy the milk was. I can honestly say I have never seen foam quite like that. Silly as I may be waxing rhapsodic over latte foam, this is my column, so get over it. This was the perfect latte.

If the waxing for the latte was too much, I suggest you put the laptop down now and step away, for the waffles were an orgasmic experience. It was an actual chocolate waffle and drizzled with Nutella, need I really say more? The chocolate overload factor was spot on, but not overly rich like other death by chocolate style desserts.

If you have not tried Tryst, I suggest you do… It is my new favorite coffee shop. I am looking more forward to the metro coming through Reston now, more than ever….

Contact Information:
 2459 18th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
Phone:  202-232-5500

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