Friday, October 28, 2011

To Be A Foodie or Not to Be a Foodie?

What does it mean to be a foodie?

Foodie is a term I have heard thrown around a lot lately. My question is, “What is the definition of a foodie?” It is interesting, like most things in this wonderous universe, there is no singular definition. There are no language police to arrest you for improper use of a made up noun.

Everyone has their own definition. For me, it is someone who enjoys the culinary arts. It does not mean they have to enjoy all the same aspects of said arts. Many enjoy it in very different ways. I, for example, do not understand wine. I want to. I yearn to taste all those glorious flavors people go dreamy over. I simply never learned that aspect. Does this mean I am not a foodie? To some pompous few, yes, it means I am a bastard child of the foodie club. 

The wonderful part is, they are not making the rules. They may think they are, but no one individual or group can tell you what you are. If you enjoy food, if it is a fascinating subject to you, that is all you need worry about. I can only tell you what foodie is to me, for all others on this miniscule planet of ours, it will be different.

I find flavors fascinating and exciting. Trying new food or cuisines is like an adventure. A way to travel to exotic ports of call, learn about new cultures and people. It is a way to connect. It is thrilling that something so fundamental to our existence can be so varied, delicious and unique. These are simply some of the philosophies I hold, and what defines me as a foodie. For yourself, only you can write that definition.

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